Cassava Flour

Considered a super food. Good source of Vitamin K; Promotes the development of bone mass; Helps to prevent alzeihmers, and can be added to wheat and other flours to make excellent bread and cakes.


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Wardy's Agro Processing estb.

At Wardy’s Agro Processing ESTB., our motto is to provide nutritious products that is prepared hygienically for best customer satisfaction. As such, we dry all our products indoor, which effects to contamination free.
Our business produces a range of flavoured flours suitable for all porridge lovers! These nutritious flours can be consumed by all! From infanthood to adults. Our focus is to produce nourishing flours using locally grown produce such as corn, rice, plantains, eddoes, cassava, sweet potatoes and even moringa. Yes! These are all different types of flours we produce. Also added to this range are barley, chickpeas, and split peas flours.

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