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ABOUT Marketplace UncappeD

Uncapped, the Event, is a Guyanese Agro-processors Exhibition, Market and Food Festival.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 157 Waterloo St., North Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana 592-223-7405

About UncappeD Marketplace

Uncapped rendered in its fuller version as “Guyanese flavour: Uncapped” focuses on the outputs of Guyana’s agro-processing industry. Most of the products from agro-processing are food products, and the majority of these are delivered in bottles or tubs that are capped.

Uncapped speaks to the fact that when you use a Guyanese agro-based product you are unleashing a rush of flavor that’s distinctive to our place and people.

Uncapped also speaks to the limitless potential for our products in every market with the right support and structures. By every market we mean the ‘local’ market, the Caribbean Market, the Global Market.

Uncapped, the Event, is an agro-processors Exhibition, Market and Food Festival.

  • Exhibition because in every industry new technologies and innovation are transforming the processes and speed to market, it is therefore important that an opportunity to showcase the methods, technologies and innovations is always provided.
  • Market because we must ensure that all across the country we can access the products that are manufactured here.
  • Food Festival because how can we have food products and not eat. Food is a critical part of our culture.