Tamarind balls


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Tamarand Ball 2oz – (w) $100 (r) $120

Tamarind Ball 4oz – (w) $170 (r) $200

Tamarand Ball 8oz – (w) $290 (r) $360

Pleasurable Flavours

Pleasurable Flavours started out their business with the creation of hot sauces. At this time, they only had two flavours- Souree and Mango.
As time went by, they extended the hot sauce production with a range of flavours such as Ginger Lime, Mango, Tamarind, Papaw, Corilla, Cucumber and Souree. They proceeded to produce Sweet Pepper Relish as well!

The business kept growing with the increased manufacturing of a wide variety of products such as Green Seasoning, All Purpose Seasoning, Miracle Seasoning, Tamarind Balls, Plantain Chip, Cake Fruits, Dry Pepper Seasoning, Dry Thyme Seasoning and All-Purpose Seasoning Shakers.

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