Hot Sauce

Spicy hot pepper sauce seasoned with souree, garlic and salt. It is ideal as a condiment to any dish where spicy flavored is desired.


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Anne's Products

Anne’s Products began in 2013, when an innovative and resourceful agro-processor name Anne dedicated lots of time and energy to Guyana’s agro-processing sector with the production of high-quality local condiments made from fresh local ingredients. The products are a variety of achar, hot sauce, chinese and casareep sauce.
In her first three years in the business of making condiments, industrious Anne expanded her range of products to include three new varieties of spicy achar—tamarind, mango and souree. She also added the popular spicy ‘lime-pepper’ pickle.
As business grew, Anne expanded even further to produce cassareep and chinese sauce, preserved carambola, plus a blended green seasoning mix.
Describing her signature hot sauce, Anne said that peppers are combined, garlic, bilimbie (souree), salt and other seasonings are all combined and cured to create a spicy fusion in a vinegar solution.
All her products now grace the shelves of many businesses and supermarkets across Guyana.

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