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Braf's Manufacturing

Braf’s manufacturing was founded by Lawrence Braithwaite The hardy Buxtonian, having initially sought to make a living as a small-scale chicken and vegetable farmer at his homestead in Buxton has, since 2002, turned his attention to agro-processing, a combination of poultry diseases and the challenges compelled him to give up on the chicken farming.

With a few pieces of domestic equipment Braithwaite pressed into service for a more demanding job than they are designed to do, Braithwaite begin to manufacture plantain flour, barley flour, tamarind balls and ground nutmeg. In the beginning Braithwaite peeled, slice and dried the plantains on his own. It takes 100 pounds of plantains to produce 20 pounds of flour. One gallon of barley provides 6 pounds of flour. It does not require an entrepreneurial wizard to determine that this is not a particularly lucrative operation. He quickly turn his sights to adding value to his flours and the Instant porridge was born. His love for innovation and bringing ease to the kitchen in cutting preparation time in half and catering for the people with little time but a appetite for healthy food he push forward.

Braf’s Instant Porridge is quickly becoming a hot item on the shelf for those on the go with our Instant Porridge. Braf’s design his products for those on the go and will continue to focus on new ways to make this possible.

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