Natural Deodorant

Deodorant without all the harmful ingredients such as Parabens, Zinc, Aluminum etc. Naturally neutralizes bad smelling bacteria and absorbs excess wetness.


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Rely Natural & Skincare Products

This company intentionally formulate, manufacture and or sell All-Natural Body Care products. All the products from this brand are made locally with only natural ingredients. We cater to customers that prefer to indulge in body care products that are 100% Natural. Formed in 2014, this business started out making Natural Deodorant and has now added other products to its line. Our list of Products are: Natural Deodorant, Lip Balm/Gloss, Body Butter, Beard Oil, Facial Kit (Facial Oil, Face/Clay Masque, Facial Cleanser, Facial Toner) and Under-Eye Gel, with many more products to come in the near future. These products serve various purposes and cater to Teens, Women and Men.

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